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About Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly named as Burma, it means that quick and hard, which is rich in natural resources and cultural heritages.

Myanmar is situated as largest country and located in mainland South East Asia, Sharing borders with Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. It is between China and India to the north, Thailand and Laos on the east, Bangladesh is in the west and Southern are the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. It stretches over 2000km from north to south, over 920 km from east to west, and long coastline of 2000 km. Total area of 676577 square km wide and exist between latitude 10 - 28 degrees north and longitude 92 - 101 degrees east.

Myanmar's long history began when races of Mongoloid stock from central Asia descended to the plain-land in the mid - 9 th century. They fled into the region of Pyus and Mons, who had already attained a higher level of civilization before 11 th century. Later, King Anawrahta (1044-77) welded into one kingdom of a first independent state, Bagan as capital. In 19 th century, there were colonialised in the year 1885 by British imperialist and failed again in 1943 by Japanese fascist. Myanmar people unitedly fought against these imperialists. Early 1948, Myanmar won the independence from British's Empire.

Myanmar is a union of national races as many as 135 ethnic groups with their own languages dialects and traditional cultures. 8 main national races of them are: Bamar, Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Rakhaing and Shan. The majority in 68% of population are Bamars and also a significant of Chinese and Indians in the country.

Myanmar has a tropical climate with three seasons, the rainy season during the south-west monsoon from mid-May to October, with temperature of 25-30 C, then followed by the dry cold season from November to February with temperature of 20-24 C. The season of hot and humid before the rain comes during the months of March to mid-May. Average temperature will be 30-35 C. Myanmar's tourist attractions are combined with a simple hospitality of people make a fascinating and exotic destination in Asia.


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