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Southern Part of Myanmar

Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago:

One of the most scenic and charming island groups in Southeast Asia is the Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago. Comprising more than 800 tropical islands scattered over an area of some ten thousand square miles in the Andaman Sea off the south west coast of Myanmar. It is home to Salons, sea gypsies.

Myeik (Mergui) Archipelagos are famous for its crystal-clear waters, unspoiled beaches, limestone cliffs and the lucrative business of pearl fishing. Due to the insecure situation of the region, it has for long been off-limits for foreigners until 1997. This is changing, now Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago can easily be reached from both Kawthaung (Myanmar) the southern tip of Myanmar and Ranong (Thailand).



Kawthaung is in the southernmost part of Myanmar. During British rule in Burma, it was known as Victoria Point. The favourite for tourists and fortune riskers is Andaman Club Resort Hotel located on Thahtay Kyun Island about half an hour trip by boat from Kawthaung or Ranong. The club is famous for casino gambling, the only one international gambling places of Myanmar on the Andaman side. Not far from the town, there are Kayin Kwa and other such as Myauk Ni and Salone Islands, a part of Mergui Archipelago, they are good places for diving, and other sea activities since the place can be regard as still virgin since not much disturbed by outside environments. Nearby Kawthung has a small water fall and hot spring at Maliwun Village 24 miles north from the town. Nowadays it can be reached within half an hour by car with a good paved road.


Eastern Part of Myanmar

Kyaing Tong (Keng Tong)

Kyaing Ton (Keng Tong) is the capital of Eastern Shan State and known as a treasure trove of traditional architecture with old-style houses with intricately designed wooden balconies so characteristic of Shan architecture. This out of the way region is rich in culture, breathtaking scenery and friendly people.Our company will enjoy taking you shopping in the market that is held every five days. You’ll get a chance to watch the pros bargain and then get to try a bit of haggling on your own.

The temperature seems to rise to nearly 100 F during the hot weather, falling 30 or more during the night. In the cold weather a temperature of 40 F. or a few degrees more or less appears to be the lowest experienced. The plain in which the capital stands has an altitude of 3000 ft.

Our company offers you the adventure of a lifetime when we take you trekking to several hill tribe villages to see the different customs each tribe practices. The well-known tribes of Kyaing Ton that our company enjoys good relationships with are the Akha, Ann and Palaung. Please don’t be worried as it’s not a strenuous hike to meet these friendly people. Our company provides you with transportation to the hiking trail and with lots of drinking water and porters to carry your knick knacks and cameras

To take advantage of all this area has to offer Eastward recommends you spend at least two or three days. The highlights are Maha Muni Temple, Wat Phrathadjonkham, Wat Inn and the central market of Kyaing Ton. May we also suggest a pleasant evening walk around the lake of Naung Ton and a sunset viewing from Lone Tree Hill.



Although just 5m across the river from Mae Sai, the most northern town in Thailand, Tachileik is in a whole different world. The happy outgoing atmosphere that you have been used to in 'the land of smiles' in Thailand evaporates instantly and is replaced by a slightly uptight one. This is not to say that the Burmese people are not welcoming, indeed they love tourists and are very keen to sit down and talk (when they think they are not being watched), but do not expect to feel at ease here, and do not be surprised if you are followed by government people throughout the town. As long as your purposes are legitimate, you follow local rules and customs and you don't go around making a spectacle of yourself, you will have a great time in Tachileik and the boarder area of Burma. The town is a typical border trading town with a twist.

The majority of people crossing over to Myanmar are Thais shopping for bootlegged Chinese goods in the market. Alternatively some Thais cross to play golf on the only course in the region so expect to see the very surreal site of large groups of people crossing the border carrying a set of clubs. There is also a small casino in Tachileik catering even to 'low' rollers. You may even find a 10 baht roulette table.

If you are expecting to see 'the real Myanmar' this is not the place to do it. If you are 'Stamp collecting' in your passport, want to see something a bit more visceral than what you find in Thailand or are at a loose end in Chiang Rai for the day then this is a good place to go. The great thing about visiting here is the ease of entry to the border area, getting another stamp in your passport and getting a flavour of life in Myanmar.

Northern Part of Myanmar


Myitkyina is the principal city of Kachin State and commercial hub of the north. The sightseeing Myitkyina including Sutaungpyi pagoda and reclining Buddha, Andawshin pagoda, Cultural Museum (displaying varities of 6 Kachin ethnic groups and their traditions & Cultural heritages) and Kachin “Manao” garden.

Other highlights are visit colourful Myitkyina local market with full of activities and Myit Sone; the Nmaikha and Malihka Rivers rushing down from Mt.Hkakabo Razi meet and flow together, thus forming the famous Ayeyarwaddy River.If possible, visit Tan Phe village to see the elephants lugging teak wood.

Also visit Jaw Bun Tower which is built to commemorate the hundred anniversary of the introduction of Christian in Kachin State and built on a hillock and a nice sport to enjoy the sunset. Karein New Resort (the first Parliament member Du Wa Kareinaw’s private resort so called the name Kareinaw Resort) and village of local.


Putao is a town amidst the U shape mountain rage and situated far north of Myanmar in Kachin State is famous for Myanmar snow capped icy mountains which are the descendent from eastern Himalayan region. Putao was once known as FORT HERTZ, in honor of the British District, Capt. Hertz. The original fort building still can be seen. The local tribes who live in this area are of Tibetan extraction of Rawan, Lisu, Tai Hkamti, include last remaining member of the Tarong tribe. Visit to Kaung Hum Lon pagoda, the Ancient Pagoda built by King Asoka, on route visit Ser Khuan Dam, a Rawang Village and proceed to pagoda by barge across the Malikha River and walk.



Western Part of Myanmar


On the northern coast near the Bangladesh border, Sittwe is originally built by British in 1826. The town is most popular sites include the Payagyi Pagoda, the Rakhine State Cultural Museum, Payamya Monastery and the riverfront market. It's the best place to buy Arakanese longyis.



The ruins of Mrauk-U are located up the Kaladan River about 80km north of Sittwe, the present day capital of Rakhine State. It was an ancient capital founded by Rakhine King Minzawmun in 1433 A.D.Unlike the temples of Bagan, Mrauk's U ruins are constructed with stone rather than the traditional bricks in a truly unique style.




Chin State (Nat Ma Taung) Mt. Victoria

Nat Ma Taung (or) Mount Victoria, national park is located in Kanpet-let, Mindut and Matupi townships of southern Chin State. It covers an area of 279 square miles and is established in 1994. The Mountain is about 320 miles from Yangon to Bagan-Nyaung Oo , by flight , Bagan-Nyaung Oo to Chauk, 18 miles by car, Chauk via Seikpyu to Hsaw, 68 miles by car and Hsaw to Kan-pet-let, 12 miles by car or Hsaw to Mindut, 42 miles by car. Nat Ma mountain national park preserve rare species of Myanmar Orchids. Preserving to educate local people to shift from practicing shifting cultivation to cultivating perennial plants and trees to promote and upgrade the park as an ecotourism attraction, to attract tourists with water rafting and rapid-shooting during the rainy season while the river flow is rapid. Forest include hill evergreen forests, moist upper mixed deciduous forests, pine forests (above 9000 feet) and hill savannah, Mammals such as tiger, bear, wild boar, leopard, goar, serow, gibbon and 159 bird species, reptiles and butterfly are present. Education and prohibiting of shifting cultivation in the protected areas.Inventory of forest flora.Study and research on bird species and their natural habitats.Establishment of modern Forest Village with the assistance of people to initiate a permanent Taungya planning system with perennial plants. Conducting a field survey and inventory to promote and upgrade the park for ecotourism industry. Participation in organized Orchid Tours where the most attractive Myanmar Orchids exist.Observing the traditional and cultural heritage of Chin people and their living systems.


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